Shaba Digital Marketing work together with their customers to ensure that they get more traffic to their website. They do this through developing fitting and effective stratagem for organizations that are forward thinking.


Their relationships with their clients and business partners are built on integrity, mutual trust, transparency and persistence. The following are the services they offer to you to give your business a facelift and success at the end of the day:
Local Search Strategies

They capitalize on your organisation’s coverage on major search engines on an unlimited scale. They help you increase your business visibility by driving your site to the local listings climax. If you provide services in an area or have a local company, then you require our SEO services to give your business a geographically a significant traffic as well as acquiring more clients than competitors.
Organic Search

They work hard to have your website rank highly on search engines with long-term benefits in mind.
On-Page Optimisation

They conduct analysis on your sites content and nip it so that it becomes easily accessible to major search engines thus boosting your performance and ranking.
Link Building

Search engine optimisation is the key to your business success. They strengthen your keywords through the creation of an internal link profile.
Google Maps Optimisation
They offer our clients a localized SEO strategy that is particularly tailored to your business industry and the location to make sure that right location signals and on-page social are delivered to Google. This allows your business to mature naturally by attracting and maintain more customers.
Advanced Website Design
They focus on affordable website design for all businesses from a single site page to the large online store.
Custom Email Design
They create custom-built email templates that speak and echo to your clients via a tailor-made email strategy. This strategy targets the correct audience thus increasing your sales. They we also help you conduct Email marketing drives whose aim is to connect you with your audience
Brand Monitoring
They help our clients to track and enhance their business reputation online.
Social Media Content and Management
They understand that the Content on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter can quickly increase your traffic. They capitalize on this to assist you establish the best platform and content for your business. They manage your clients’ social media accounts engaging with their target audience on their behalf. Moreover, they build and customize their social media profiles using high quality and aesthetically pleasing content that reverberate with their audience.
We cooperate with our clients so as to determine clear objectives and goals for their online activities. They utilise a vast variety of industry resources, techniques and tools to provide them with a correct analysis of their business, target audience and target audience. If you would like to get in touch with them, you can do so by going to their Australian Web Industry Association Page or their SEO Melbourne SEMPO Page.


Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!


There are good SEO companies out there. I just hope that you are dealing with a good one too. Here are some of the reasons for finding a good SEO company.

They have deliverables

A good SEO company shows you what they are doing. They might not show you the first page results, but indeed they are going to provide you with evidence concerning things that they have done.
An SEO company cannot use magic to enhance your websites ranking, but the good companies can do things. They will show you precisely what they are working on, and that alone is a good sign.

They give recommendations for improvement

No SEO company can assist you unless you help them help you. A good company will give you some recommendations so as to achieve some improvement. This is a sign that they want to include you in their efforts just like their partner. In case you accept and comply with such requests, you are likely to witness good results just like you have always desired.
Below are some things that a quality SEO firm may recommend:
• Start such social channels as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook among others.
• Make sure that all your social channels are integrated with your homepage.
• Start a content marketing plan
• Optimise all your site content
• Start a blog
• Add some alt tags to all images
When your company gives you such recommendations, do not think that they are trying to scam you or up sell you. In fact, the extra services such as content and audits might cost. However, this is not lost money on your side. Such SEO services are purely intended to assist you.
I have heard of search engine optimisation firms that might indeed fire you, the customer if you fail to comply! This may sound harsh, but it is a sign that such a firm has a white hat strategy and doing their best to help you.

Your ranking improves

Everybody loves to speak about rank, and they love to get rank improvements. If find a good SEO company they will surely give you better rank, and this is an indication that you are perhaps in good hands.
Below are some signs of trustworthy and legitimate rank improvement:
• A site ranking for its target keywords
• A site is ranking in major search engines first pages.

Your traffic reduces but your revenue increases

Good SEO focuses on more traffic to the site. In some situations, you may work with a company that causes a subsequent reduction in your traffic. However, this should not concern you as long as your revenue increases. Such a company’s target is good traffic and not just a lot of traffic. taking all of this into account, we recommend using Shaba Digital Marketing as your SEO company as they are proven with many years of experience.


The digital environment has been changing dramatically over the last few years. However, search engine optimisation remains as an important and effective marketing strategy. While there exist numerous advantages that you can get from a great SEO strategy, here are five top benefits you can reap from the use of an SEO company.

Increased traffic

Top ranks on the search engines results get majority clicks and impressions, therefore, ranking in such top positions results in noteworthy traffic increase for websites.seo also emphasizes on the creation of title tags that are keyword relevant and informative, and Meta descriptions, that appear in result pages. Using an SEO company can help you optimise descriptions and tags to raise your click-through rate that also increases your qualified web traffic.


Search engine optimisation companies offer quantifiable and trackable results were not considering whether your site is an e-commerce or not. Therefore, there are no doubts as far as Return On Investment is concerned.seo companies will track almost every element of their strategy such as raising the rankings, the traffic as well as conversion rates. Comprehensive SEO analytics also will provide the capacity to access data easily and see the demographic details as well as any other engagement metric for people who interact with your site.
For those sites that are e-commerce, the use of a SEO company will help them see the paths that their users follow to close sales, up to the type of keywords that they use when searching your site before purchasing. On the other hand, non-e-commerce sites owners can indeed attribute values to their lead conversion, such as form fill-out, and ‘call us’, and compute the value of their SEO plan with a lot of ease.

Cost effective

Search engine optimisation is among the most cost-effective strategies as far as marketing is concerned since it usually targets users who are looking for your services and products on the internet. SEO’s comes with an inbound nature that helps you save a lot of money contrary to the outbound strategies such as cold-calling. Even though cold-calling could still be a great strategy, it generates leads that could cost you almost 61 percent more than those generated by using SEO or any other inbound strategy.

Increased site usability

In a bid to make your easily navigable for search engines, using an SEO company will simultaneously assist you make it even more navigable for visitors as well.Seo includes rearrangement of your sites links and architecture to make the search and navigation of web pages easier.

Page awareness

An SEO company will ensure that your website achieves a top position in the search engine ranking which will translate to more exposure. Users will associate with your brand since they will think that you company is more trustworthy just by the virtue of your product search appearing on the first page.


SEO has been in existence in one form or another since it began. People have been trying to evaluate the way their websites can sit on top of the local listings. It has been an endless, cyclic hustle as they come up with strategies to control the system, and it has always fought back. There have been persistent ups and downs in the last two decades, but in the last ten or so years, a lot has been stabilized. The question is “has SEO changed and is there a possibility of more changes in the future?”


The fall of Keywords

Search engines, for quite some time, would break down the content into several keywords and then index them that way. If a certain page did not have a specific keyword, it wouldn’t appear for such a keyword search. This made web architects to stuff every field on their websites with many keywords that would rank for many queries. The search engines halted this practice, but by so doing, it led to the diminishing of the use of keywords.
With the decline in the use of keywords and increase in semantic search, the keywords’ power has declined. Keywords are needed, and their research is crucial, but you shouldn’t pay any attention to the keyword density.

Decline of links

Search engines usually discover new content via links. They are seen as one sites vote of confidence in another. Links anchor texts are powerful locations for keywords. All this used to be and is still true, but this link power has declined. Yes, links are crucial, but they cannot make or break your site single-handedly unless your sites position is very precarious.

Diminishing of the Search Engine Field

The early internet used to have hosts of search engines. Some of them were for specialized searches while others were of algorithms that enabled web architects to rank sites highly in case this was impossible on other engines. Others simply struggled to outdo with the big ones! Since then, hosts of such engines have been taken over by bigger companies, died, or become useless.

Increase in semantic importance and content quality

As a result of the decline in spinning and keyword emphasis, pure quality content has ascended to the top of the priority list. Sites can now produce high volume streams of quality content and ride on that for top positions in the search engine ranking.

Social media bust

Facebook was founded in the year 2004, and since that time it has become the most dominant thing in the history of social media. Likewise, the social media has started to dominate the SEO field and online marketing. Every site owner wants to get potential clients through the growing world of social media.


Every time you start a search you have to enter your search query and hit the enter button on the search engine of your choice. Immediately you do that; you get web results in the form of a list containing your query term. Users usually have the tendency of visiting websites that appear on the lists top since they perceive that such sites have a better ranking than any other that appears below. This perception is as a result of a powerful online marketing method referred to as search engine optimisation.



SEO helps search engines

SEO is a method that assists various search engines identify and rank some sites higher than others about a given search query. Seo therefore, helps your site attract customer/ visitor traffic from individual search engines.

How Search Engines and SEO Work

The first fundamental truth one needs to learn about SEO is the fact that the search engines aren’t humans. While this truth may seem obvious for all of us, the difference between how search engines and human beings look at web pages are not. Contrary to human beings, text drives search engine. Even though the advancement in technology has been rapid, search engines have a very long way to being intellectual creatures that can emotionally see the beauty of great designed or enjoy the movement and sounds found in movies. Instead, these search engines do crawl the web in search of given website items, mostly text, to have an idea of what that site is all about.


Firstly, search engines, crawl throughout the web to find what is there. This job is done by a software piece referred to as a spider or crawler (or the Googlebot if you refer to Google). The spiders or crawlers follow all the links from pages indexing everything they get on their way.


Once a page has been crawled, its content is indexed. The pages that are indexed are then stored in a massive database, from where they can be retrieved. The indexing process involves the identification of expressions and words that describe the indexed pages in the best way possible, as well as assigning the pages to specific keywords.


When a given search result appears, it is processed by the search engine. In other words, the engine tries to compare the indexed pages already in the database with the search request. The engine calculates the relevancy of each and every page and retrieves the results. The results are displayed in your browser where the first page is perceived to be the most relevant.


Primarily, the retrieval of the most relevant page containing the search string depends on how well the web pages are visible to the search engines.